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Amsterdam Amnesia

฿1,860.00 / 3 seeds
Amsterdam Amnesia has a strong and unique smell that combines the scents of haze and lemon. See full description…

Auto Cinderella Jack

฿1,650.00 / 3 seeds
Auto Cinderella Jack has a powerful terpene profile with a dominant scent of pine, spices, and fruits. See full description…

CBD Charlotte’s Angel

฿1,860.00 / 3 seeds
CBD Charlotte's Angel has a complex aroma of herbs, diesel, citrus, and pine. It offers a unique and strong terpene profile. See full description…

Durban Poison

฿1,260.00 / 3 seeds
Durban Poison is a Sativa Dominant strain that has a one-of-a-kind and attractive aroma. See full description…

HiFi 4G

฿1,440.00 / 3 seeds
HiFi 4G has a strong and distinctive smell that combines earthy, spicy, and woody scents, along with hints fruitiness. See full description…


฿1,860.00 / 3 seeds
Meringue has a sweet and fruity aroma. Considered to be USA Fruitest Genetic. See full description…

Sugar Bomb Punch

฿1,860.00 / 3 seeds
Sugar Bomb Punch has a fruity, sweet, skunky kush aroma and taste. See full description…